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I may have mentioned this to some of you previously. I recently read this book, Love, Midgie, and want to recommend it to all AJ grads from “back in the day.” Much of the story takes place in the Old Springfield neighborhood that we all knew so well. And so many other landmarks that brought back memories–from the Springfield swimming pool to the old St. Luke’s Hospital where many of us were born. Written by a talented and accomplished author, Faith R Connors is the wife of Tracy Daniel Connors (class of ’57). The intriguing story is based on the life of Tracy’s mother. An added bonus is all the old photos and authentic postcards included in the book. I think you can find ordering info on their website Check it out!

One thought on “Bill Brinkley Recommends

    Lynn LaBauve: “Love, Midgie is now a digital book…only a click away”

    Joyce Cox: I grew up in Springfield and lived on Liberty St.

    Ken Shepard: Hi Bill, Thanks for the info. I will order the book just to see some of the old places I used to roam around. I hope we can get a number of our classmates from 1955 to get interested in having a class reunion. We might have to combine it with another class reunion. Any thoughts?

    Lula Morea Turnage Tiencken: I grew up in Springfield on Market and 5th Street and have read the book three times.

    Letricia King: Those were the days. Went to pool alots. Walked all over there. Never had to worry.

    Joyce Butler Hires: Married to Mack Hires 55, I was 54 went to Springfield pool lots of fun, good ole days, look forward to reading this.

    Lurlean Menotte Craft: Ordered one this morning. Grew up just north of Springfield in North Shore. Tracy’s mom was my Sunday School teacher. Went to Springfield pool many times. Born in St. Luke’s hospital.attended kindergarten at 9th and Perry St. Played tennis on the courts across the street from the pool.

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