Love, Midgie Reader’s Guide

Love Midgie Reader’s & Tutor’s Guide

Updated July 2018
Faith R. Connors, Author of Love, Midgie and Flavors of the Fjords/
Faith R. Connors, Author of Love, Midgie and Flavors of the Fjords.

The reader’s guide for Love, Midgie, the charming work of historical fiction by author Faith R. Connors, was created by her to serve as a resource for home schooling educators and classroom teachers.

The guide reflects her extensive professional developmental reading background that includes earning a MAT Degree in Reading at Jacksonville University, over a decade of experience as a reading teacher for both elementary and high school students, and as an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, directing the state’s largest 4-H program that included a heavy program focus on life skills.

The  Love, Midgie Reader’s Guide  includes many useful and important resources designed to help any reader better understand the story of what happens in Midgie Morris’ life, and how she deals with it.

Reader’s Guide enhances Love, Midgie learning experience and adds fun for younger readers.
Love Midgie Reader’s Guide is now ready for your free download. It is a new and valuable resource for home schooling educators.

The “Reader’s Guide” for “Love, Midgie” has been completed and posted.

Author Faith Connors explained that she completed the guide to add more fun for young readers as they explore the book.

The Guide includes summaries of each chapter, vocabulary, word searches, puzzles, web-based resources, and discussion questions.

Reading teachers and parents has new resources and tools, including:

Book talk: introduce Love, Midgie to your students.
Synopsis of what happens in each chapter.
Pre-reading activities for chapters.
Thematic connections.

Interdisciplinary Connections

Language Arts
Use of Language
Florida History
Social Studies
Cultural Connections

Focus Activity

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