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Why You Too Will Love Midgie…

Love, Midgie’s incredible adventures are based on a true story and are illustrated with historic photographs and postcards, including photographs from Midgie’s actual family album.  Readers are able to see views of the actual locations, neighborhoods, and houses Midgie saw in 1915-1920.

“Midgie is a refreshing, true story of a young Florida girl with indomitable spirit who meets each challenge as a new adventure.”
“…a touching story for children, parents and grandparents…”

Over 100 antique postcards, family photographs, and the author’s illustrations provide story continuity, identification by the reader with the location and story, and interest for the reader.

“The author captures her unshakable spirit–‘Midgie’s magic’–as she moves from one adventure to another.”
“Midgie exhibits all the qualities that we want in our children—family love, independence, appreciation of nature and animals, solid and good values.”

Written to help readers understand and experience life for a young, spirited girl in Florida a century ago.  Incredibly, much of the neighborhood and many of the same houses mentioned in the book have been preserved.  Readers can much of Jacksonville’s historic Springfield Neighborhood much as it was when Midgie and her brother, Henry, grew up there.

“This story paints a picture of summer in the southeastern United States , how children spent their vacations and how family illness disrupted lives.”
“Thank you for letting me read this wonderful story. This book is a gem!”
“The postcards and captions are a brilliant addition and clearly point up the architecture, dress, and hairstyles of the day.”
“The constant sense of family love, concern, and consideration comes through with warmth and sincerity. Love, Midgie is simply just delightful.”

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Home schooling parents and adults reading to young people will find the new Love, Midgie Teacher’s & Tutor’s Guide an important and useful resource.  The new, free download was prepared by author and reading educator Faith Connors to make the LM reading experience more fun and meaningful.
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Set in Florida primarily in the 1915-1920 time frame, young Midgie’s mother needs hospitalization and treatment for the after-effects of the Spanish flu.

Midgie’s father, a railroad telegrapher living in Summerfield, a small town south of Ocala, must make hard choices regarding how to care for his two children while his wife is being treated. He must work a 12-hour shift, seven days a week. Eventually, he is forced to move the family to Jacksonville, Florida, into an historic neighborhood called Springfield, just north of the city’s downtown.

Just as Midgie begins to make new friends in the multi-ethnic neighborhood, her father determines that he no choice, he must send Midgie and her brother, Henry, to stay temporarily with relatives—Henry back down to Ocala, Midgie to relatives living in Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

After a horrible experience with the Alabama relatives, Midgie is sent to Chattanooga, Tennessee and then to Hartsville, South Carolina.

During these extended visits, Midgie learns many important lessons about life and how to cope with disappointment and disruptions in her life. When she returns to Springfield, she is able to put her new understanding to good use with her friends.

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